The server will be reset on October 1st 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a wipe?
Yes. Once the content scripts are finished 100% and we've had sufficient time to look for exploits there will be a wipe to ensure everyone is able to play on an equal footing and nobody is benefiting from old exploits.
Players affected by the wipe will be compensated in a way that we haven't yet decided on, so don't be deterred!
Can I buy CP with real money/Do you accept donations?
No. We will never ask for or accept any kind of payment.
When will [thing] be fixed/implemented?
Eventually! You’ll have better luck by keeping track of the changelogs in Snakeman’s Terminal discord server (linked at the bottom of this channel).
Who are the GMs?
You can recognise GMs in-game by their names, which will have [GM] at the start.
Why are some things still in japanese and not translated to english?
Our server is based on the final Japanese release of the game which had much more content. There is a separate translation project in the works.
I started playing and I see people with cool gear, where can I get them?
In the COMP Shop! To open it, press the button with a cart icon on the bottom right of the screen and select COMP Shop.
I started playing and I don’t know where to go! What should I do?
Start by doing Acts, the main storyline. The wiki can help you a lot through the game! It’s going to be your best friend. There is also an area in Home III called “Beginner’s Area”, you can get free XP or Expertise boosts by talking to the Drunk DB NPC (as long as you’re below level 20).
What is CP and how do I get some?
CP is a premium currency! On the official servers you would have to pay real money, but to get CP here you need to collect OOPTHS by killing demons in dungeons, then you trade them to the Yagiya in the Cathedral of Shadows for 『Yagiya Reports』, then you trade these reports with the NPC called Ghost of the Past, which can be found in Home III near the terminal, and in Shinjuku Babel in front of the fountain. You need at least 10 『Yagiya Reports』 to speak to the NPC.
I’ve got some golden apples in a dungeon, what do I do with them?
You can trade them with the demon NPC Vivian for XP for yourself or your currently summoned demon. You can find her in the lobby of every dungeon in the game and also inside every Cathedral of Shadows (The apples also work alongside xp boost items).
I don’t know how to build my character! Where should I ask?
There is a category called Class Discussion in our Discord server, feel free to ask! We’ll be glad to help.
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