Shin Megami Tensei Re:IMAGINE Online

The server is in an early testing stage, please expect bugs for a while.
Where do I download the game?
Visit our Discord for information on downloading and setting up the game.
Why is my "Start Game" button greyed out/why are my characters missing?
This is related to a bug with the world and channel server. The dev team is currently working on fixing this. It is usually fixed with a restart of the server program, so please wait until one of the server admins can reset the server.
Do you take donations?
No. End of discussion.
Who are the GMs?
Ingame, their names will have [GM] before it. This will only be until beta and we get the tools implemented for proper payout of events and whatnot.
I get a red error message/white screen when logging in, is my character broken?
Probably, yes. The devs are looking at this issue.
What's an alpha build and why this is so unstable?
An alpha build is a release that is in a very early stage of development. This alpha was provided so fans of megaten could play it before its full release, and possibly even help with testing and showcasing bugs for the devs. A good portion of the the content hasn't been coded yet.
I got stuck in a rock or fell out of the world, what do I do?
Use traesto stones/traesto skill to try and get out, or submit a request in #unstuck-requests on Discord.
Why is every text in my game gibberish?
You need to either switch your locale to japanese for non-unicode, or use a locale emulator.
Why is the game not translated to english yet?
There is a separate team working on a full english translation, and a partial one for demon/item names in #resources. Progress is slow, however, so please be patient.
Why do I keep getting sent back to XXXX place everytime I disconnect?
When the server crashes, your character position will be reset to where you were last time you logged in. This is being investigated. Logging off or changing characters will 'save' your position.
Can't I buy x from NPCs? What about selling?
Many of the NPCs and their dialogues are still not implemented. Buying and selling items works in Home 3.
I started playing and see people with cool gear, where do I get some?
Visit #active-events and #ac-shop. Please keep in mind that everything is done by our GM team manually for now, so it may take a while for your AC to be credited or items payed out.
I see people with cool demons, where do they get them?
Some GM's spawn random enemies. If you're on at the same time as them, can try to contract some.
Why is my gear at 1 durability?
The durability system isn't implemented yet. Don't worry about it.
Why is my demon not reviving when I use a reviving orb?
This is a known bug, and the only solution is to resummon your demon. They will come back revived.
Why can't I do ACT/Quest XXXX?
They haven't been implemented yet. You can ignore them altogether for the time being, really.
When will XXXX be fixed?
Eventually. Probably.
I heard there was going to be a server wipe, when will that happen?
Whenever the bug that breaks accounts/characters is identified and fixed. Any AC spent before the wipe will be refunded to you to spend again afterwards.