Changes to Dungeon CP gain - 2019-03-01

We are rolling out some changes to dungeon loot and CP acquisition today. The changes should make playing the game and finishing dungeons actually feel rewarding; however, as a result this means that you will be gaining less CP from OOPTHS that drop off of normal mobs and more CP from clicking on the little green boxes at the end of dungeons. We feel that overall these changes should encourage more dungeon diversity, and it makes sense that gold runs should feel more meaningful than mindlessly running ichi/celu silver over and over and over again. The only change not documented on our RE:shop doc is that reports are going from 5 reports:1cp to 10:1. The values on the doc are in CP and not reports so the 30 CP from Celu gold would be in the form of 300 reports and so on. This will only impact the runs that let you easily farm OOPTHS and should overall make for a better game experience. It should also be noted that this means the 20 report items are going from 4cp in value to 2cp, but they are still in the endchests so you can add 2cp to the values on the spreadsheet for the applicable runs.

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Originally posted 2019-03-01
Last updated 2019-03-01

Changes to Dungeon CP gain