Content Update (Tiwaz) - 2019-04-15

The Tiwaz version update has been installed.

Added or changed content:
- Kakyojo quests and NPCs
- Golden Arc casino (minus VIP room)
- Celu Tower (Bronze BC)
- Ueno Mirage (Bronze and Silver)
- Mount Kurama (Hard)
- Mound of Masakado instance
- Daily Mission
- Pursuit and Critical/LB quests
- Enabled Earthquake in Diaspora (special effects forthcoming)
- Enabled Oboro, Pixie and Dominion I-Time NPCs
- Various bug fixes for quests and instances

Recently there were a bunch of translated files uploaded, so please run ImagineUpdate regularly because there won't be an announcement every time the translation is updated.

Please report bugs!

Dungeon CP changes attached.

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Originally posted 2019-04-15
Last updated 2019-04-15

Content Update (Tiwaz)