Version Update 1.702 (Peorth Content Update) - 2019-06-14

Cerberus is now back online and running the Peorth content update.

This update brings the following content:
- Nakano Underground Ruins (Bronze)
- Invoke NPCs
- Pentalpha (reduced to Class B license requirement temporarily)
- Electric Corridor (1-36F, EV-JF, EV-GL, EV-GA)
- ○○ in the box global drops
- All servant ○○ item quests
- COMP hack instances Mu, Theta, Iota, and Kappa

The following changes have been made to CP gain:
- Nakano Underground Ruins (Bronze) will 80 Yagiya Reports
(If you notice a run that should drop CP isn't dropping it let us know straight away!)

The following changes have been made to the client:
- General English translation fixes
- Casino cooldowns fixed
- The version number has been updated to 1.702.
(If you find you're unable to log in after the update, please run ImagineUpdate to download the latest files.)

Thanks once again to the devs, content team and GMs for their hard work, and to the players for making it worth the time spent.

Category: General
Originally posted 2019-06-14
Last updated 2019-06-14