Content Update (Eoh) - 2019-07-13

Cerberus is now back online and running the Eoh content update.

This update brings the following content:
- Shiho's Lab
- Zhu Que Caverns (Gold)
- Ultimate Battle
- Shinjuku Docks B11
- Valuable Challenge
- Dark Babel
- Abyss Tower
- Yoidore Hack
- Izumo Island
- All of Electric Corridor
- Yagigami Rewards
- Bug fixes

The changes to CP are in blue in the attached image.
(If you notice a run that should drop CP isn't dropping it let us know straight away!)

The following changes have been made to the client:
- More translations
(If you find you're unable to log in after the update, please run ImagineUpdate to download the latest files.)

Thanks once again to the devs, content team and GMs for their hard work, and to the players for making it worth the time spent.

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Originally posted 2019-07-13
Last updated 2019-07-13

Content Update (Eoh)