Summer Replay 2019: Week One (Concluded) - 2019-08-06

Enjoy a final celebration of summer!
For each week starting Aug. 9th 2019 18:00 (BST) and ending Sept. 6th 2019 18:00 (BST) we will be running old Summer events.
Here are the details:

Save Jack Frost! (originally ran in Summer 2007)
Location: Jack Frost, Home III

Summer has come to the ruined Tokyo and this summer is especially hot.
Jack Frost in the Home III can't stand the heat.
"I'm melting, hee-ho! Bring me back some ice and I'll give you a reward, hee-ho!"
Collect ice from dungeons and exchange them for the treasure he got when he went to Shinagawa and Ueno.

Item Exchange list:
1 ice = Jack Frost Card x1
5 ice = Angel Hair (Law) or Asura Palm (Chaos)
20 ice = Devil Napalm or Spell Napalm
50 ice = Jack Frost Card x100
150 ice = Decarabia Mask (♂) or (♀)
500 ice = Dagger of the Phantom Star
1000 ice = Jack Frost Mask (♂) or (♀)

Save Jack Frost! Event Period: Aug. 9th 2019 18:00 (BST) - Aug. 23rd 2019 18:00 (BST)
More information:夏のイマジン祭り2007 (Japanese)

Kappa's Request (originally ran in Summer 2010)
Location: DB Katori, Nakano

Despite the heat, it's raining in Tokyo.
Kappa survived the destruction of Tokyo, but have fled to Nakano for some reason.
DB Katori, a girl who claims to be a Kappa, also ran away to Nakano. She seems to be asking Demon Busters for help.

Defeat the demons around the Obelisks in Nakano, Ichigaya and Shibuya and collect Demonic Cucumbers

Demonic Cucumber (Fresh) (One-handed sword)

Item Exchange List:
100 Demonic Cucumbers = Demonic Cucumber (Bronze) (Talisman)
4000 Demonic Cucumbers = Demonic Cucumber (Silver) (Talisman)
10000 Demonic Cucumbers = Demonic Cucumber (Gold) (Talisman)

Kappa's Request Event Period: Aug. 9th 2019 18:00 (BST) - Aug. 16th 2019 18:00 (BST)
More information:梅雨の季節の訪問者 (Japanese)

Rewards and item exchange lists subject to change prior to the event going live. This post will be updated if changes are made.

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Last updated 2019-09-07

Summer Replay 2019: Week One (Concluded)