Summer Replay 2019: Week Two (Concluded) - 2019-08-15

Enjoy a final celebration of summer!
For each week starting Aug. 9th 2019 18:00 (BST) and ending Sept. 6th 2019 18:00 (BST) we will be running old Summer events.
Here are the details for week two:

The Save Jack Frost event is still running, please see the Week One details for information!

Kappa's Passion (originally ran in Summer 2010)
Location: DB Katori, Nakano

You've driven the monsters away, but DB Katori still has something on her mind.

Demonic Cucumber (Gift) (One-handed sword)

Item Exchange List:
50 Amethyst = Demonic Cucumber (Fresh) (One-handed Sword)
300 Emerald = Demonic Cucumber (Bronze) (Talisman)
1500 Ruby = Demonic Cucumber (Silver) (Talisman)
1000 Diamond = Demonic Cucumber (Gold) (Talisman)
2000 Diamond = Demonic Cucumber (Tribute) (One-handed Sword)

Kappa's Passion Event Period: Aug. 16th 2019 18:00 (BST) - Aug. 23rd 2019 18:00 (BST)
More information:梅雨の季節の訪問者 (Japanese)

Rewards and item exchange lists subject to change prior to the event going live. This post will be updated if changes are made.

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Originally posted 2019-08-15
Last updated 2019-09-07

Summer Replay 2019: Week Two (Concluded)