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Summer Replay 2019: Week Three (Concluded) - 2019-08-23

Enjoy a final celebration of summer!
For each week starting Aug. 9th 2019 18:00 (BST) and ending Sept. 6th 2019 19:00 (BST) we will be running old Summer events.
Here are the details for week three:

Goldfish Scooping (originally ran in Summer 2009)
Location: Shinjuku Babel

Scoop up the goldfish swimming in Shinjuku Babel!

Giant Goldfish are worth 100 certificates.
Child Goldfish are worth 10 certificates.
Baby Goldfish are worth 1 certificate.

Scoop has the power to pick up goldfish during the event period.

Item Exchange List:
- Scoop: 100
- Soopa Scoop: 1000
- Soopa Doopa Scoop: 5 CP (lol)

- Tokyo Brew = 50
- Tokyo Brew (12 Pack) = 450
- Water Gun (various colours) = 300

T-shirt A = 300
T-shirt B = 300
T-shirt C = 300
Goldfish Drawstring Bag (various colours) = 300

Decarabia Mask = 150
Jack Frost Mask = 450
Kitty Paw Watch: Calico = 300
Kitty Paw Watch: Cleo = 300
Kitty Paw Watch: Tiger = 300
Strawberry Marshmallow Daypack = 300
Chocolate Marshmallow Daypack = 300

Goldfish Scooping Event Period: Aug. 23rd 2019 19:00 (BST) - Sep. 6th 2019 19:00 (BST)
More information:金魚すくい (Japanese)

Kappa's Beach Episode (originally ran in Summer 2010)
Location: DB Harumi - Suginami X17 Y17 Yagiya Express

Pay DB Harumi and she'll take you to the Virtual Tropical Beach.
1000 Macca: MMO Dungeon
10000 Macca: MO Dungeon (all members of the party must pay)

In the beach there are monsters addicted to Kappas.
If you need help you can pay DB Katori at the beach for assistance.

Kappa's Beach Episode Event Period: Aug 23rd 2019 19:00 (BST) - Aug. 30th 2019 19:00 (BST)
More information:梅雨の季節の訪問者#kecc17d6 (Japanese)

Rewards and item exchange lists subject to change prior to the event going live. This post will be updated if changes are made.

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Originally Posted on 2019-08-23
Last Updated: 2019-09-07

Summer Replay 2019: Week Three (Concluded)