Critical Update (April Fools!) - 2020-03-31

Due to an unforseen bug data, the following changes have been applied to the game client and server:
- Client version updated, please run the updater
- Audio data corruption repaired
- Satan loot boxes removed due to extreme exploitation
- 300 accounts banned for rule breaking
- Removed all reference to COMP_hack for the safety of the developers
- New event: Escape Home 2
- Electrical arcing has been dampened
- A new currency has been added (Azu Coins) and Macca will be taken out of circulation in the coming weeks
- Database rolled back to October 1st 2017
- Removed Herobrine

Update: This post is completely false, none of the above information is accurate, it was made for April Fools. :P

Category: General
Originally posted 2020-03-31
Last updated 2020-04-02