COMP-Hack Yoidore Loot Update - 2020-04-09

Players who clear the COMP-Hack Dungeon Yoidore will now be rewarded the Value Pack: Demonism (バリューパック【デモニズム】) loot box.

When opened the box will drop one of the following rewards:
Null Knockback Epitaph (エピタフパーツ【堅忍不抜】) x1
TA Epitaph (エピタフパーツ【螺旋の理】) x1
Pursuit Epitaph (エピタフパーツ【連撃の理】) x1
Null Instant Death Epitaph (エピタフパーツ【即死無効】) x1
Attack Epitaph (エピタフパーツ【アタック高揚】) x1
Rush Epitaph (エピタフパーツ【ラッシュ高揚】) x1
Spin Epitaph (エピタフパーツ【スピン高揚】) x1
Shot Epitaph (エピタフパーツ【ショット高揚】) x1
Rapid Epitaph (エピタフパーツ【ラピッド高揚】) x1
Counter Epitaph (エピタフパーツ【カウンター高揚】) x1
Party XP Epitaph (エピタフピース【成長への誘い】) x1
Luck Epitaph (エピタフピース【ハピネス】) x1
Orb of Promise (Loop) (契の玉・回) x100
Incense of Strength (力の香) x20
Incense of Magic (魔力の香) x20
Incense of Vitality (体力の香) x20
Incense of Intelligence (知力の香) x20
Incense of Speed (速さの香) x20
Incense of Luck (運の香) x20
Tokyo Brew (トウキョウビール) x1

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Originally posted 2020-04-09
Last updated 2020-04-09