New SMT5+3 Promo Code (Expired) - 2020-07-20

To celebrate the announcement of SMT Nocturne HD Remaster and a new trailer for SMTV we have created a new promo code:

You can use the code SMTVNOCTURNEHYPE to get 5+3x Dark Babel Keys which you can use to gain access to the Abyss Tower and face off against Demi-Fiend.

To use the code log into the character you wish to redeem the keys on. Open the character's POST and click the Pencil icon at the top right of the POST window. Enter the code and click Verify. Then close and re-open your post.

The code will be active until 5+3/5+3/2020 at 23:59:59 UTC. It is limited to one use per account.

To gain access to the Demi-Fiend fight:
First, go to Dark Babel and convert your purple keys into green ones with the Black Frost in front of the Elevator.

Next, use a green key. Go behind the Elevator and click on the white seal. The following options will give you the Demi-Fiend fight:
"I understand"
"Go In"
"I will not regret"
"Climb the Abyss Tower"

The Demi-Fiend will be the very first option.

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Originally posted 2020-07-20
Last updated 2020-08-14

New SMT5+3 Promo Code (Expired)