Version Update 2.011 - Hell-evator - 2021-05-18

Cerberus is now back online.

The following changes have been made:

The version number of the client has been updated to 2.011

End of Days - Ichigaya:
New Sacrifice orbs added based on the Satan skills
-5 new Orbs are introduced, they are the 4 element skills that the player could obtain before from gear dropped in ends of days ichigaya run and also the almighty skill that you could get from the Head Piece + God Majesty
-Explode, Big Chill, Jupiter's Anger and Tornado Hell Sacrifice Orbs drop from the run but can also be exchanged for hourglasses with Azura, the only way of obtaining the last one, God's breath, is by exchanging it for 25.000 hourglass + 1 God majesty with Azura.
-God's Breath demon version damage is based on CLSR.

Shinjuku Under Wonder Ground (UWG):
-This run has been rebalanced and is now permanently available.
-The difficulty of the both regular and TIGERCAT variant has been adjusted.
-Removed the exchange for plugins to event currency.
-Removed most plugins and PGs from the run besides Bai Suzhen and Vritra.
-The drops, treasure chests and Pyro Jack's barter exchange have been heavily altered.
-The time limit has been reduced from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.
-You'll need an Abyssal Entry Pass per character to enter. You can obtain a pass by trading the following items with Pyro Jack in TMG Building:
*10 Horse Amulets
*15 Ziotite
*5 DM Cards
-Black Sun Earrings now require Level 95 to be equipped and can be created via item mixing.

-Enemies within Pentalpha runs now receive greatly reduced damage from Support-based attacks.
-Pentalpha payouts have been increased to compensate for the change.

New Mechanic Preview - Smirk:
-Smirk is a new status effect that is granted through different Smirk-specific skills. In this content update, we've included one of the new Smirk skills as a preview and to gather player feedback on its functionality.
-Smirk grants the user 250 Critical Defense, and makes their next hit a guaranteed Limit Break that ignores the Limit Break Damage Cap.
This effect will expire after 30 seconds or whenever a skill is used. While Smirk is active, Suicide-affinity skils will do greatly reduced damage.
-Smile Charge is the first Smirk skill introduced for the preview period. On use, it will grant the user Smirk for 30 seconds. This skill has a fixed Cooldown of 60 seconds. For future reference, all Smirk-related skills share the same cooldown group.
-Smile Charge is available for both Player Characters and Demons from Pyro Jack’s exchange in TMG Building.
-Smirk’s behavior is subject to change in upcoming patches.

Material Tank:
You can now store a plethora of items in the Material Tank to save up inventory space. This includes over 160 items that can be stored to save space.

-A new Tyrant demon available from Shinjuku Under Wonder Ground. Alciel is a powerful Tyrant demon that has
access to his signature skill, Black Sun.
-Tarot effect: While Digitalized: Demon Partner's Pursuit Chance/Power + 3%
-Soulstone effect: - Head -
Demon Partner's Limit Break Damage Cap + 500
Demon Partner's Technical Attack Chance + 3%
Demon Partner's Technical Attack Power + 5%

-You can find out more about Alciel at the end of this post.

-A new Earth Element demon is available through a special double fusion of Knocker and Dwarf.
It has a new signature skill "Grace of Fuki Dodge", a dodge ability that damages the target with Almighty damage and lowers their resistances on hit, and a brand new Tarot and Soul Crystal.
-Tarot effect: Physical defense +3 to all party members.
-Soulstone effect: - Shoes -
Partner’s Move Speed +15%
-You can find out more about Koropokkuru at the end of this post.

-Added a proper soulstone and tarot effect to Persephone’s Crystal.
-Tarot effect: Demon Partner's +3 Support, +3% Magic Damage
-Soulstone effect: - Talisman -
Player gains the Shining Eye skill.
-Talking to Anat with 50 Pomegranates will no longer add the demon in your COMP, but it will instead give you Persephone's Plugin.

Super Pixie:
-Super Pixie is no longer considered a Pixie variant.
-Added Super Pixie's digitalization requirements (Fairy DLv.10, Demigod DLv.8)

Nakano Boundless Domain:
- Added a WILDCAT version for Nakano Boundless Domain.
- The treasure chest at the end of the run now contains x5 Orb Box on both instance variants.

-Added WILDCAT mode for all Nakano Underground Ruins runs.
-Added WILDCAT mode for all Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern runs.
-Added WILDCAT mode for all Shinagawa Catacombs runs.
The aforementioned WILDCAT runs were created by Fizzy and are finally being included in the server.

Dark Token Tarots:
The CLSR, LNGR, and Spell Dark Token Tarots now have a chance to drop in Shinagawa Catacombs Gold WILDCAT.
More specifically:
-Regular Bai Hu route has a chance to drop CLS-R Dark Token Tarots.
-True Bai Hu route has a chance to drop LNG-R Dark Token Tarots.
-Samael route has a chance to drop Spell Dark Token Tarots.

Murderous Secret 4:
A new version of Murderous Secret has been added to Yagibeni in the TMG Building for 3500 Branches. Murderous Secret 4 is a passive demon skill that
raises your partner's LB Upper Limit by 4000. This skill is incompatible with all previous Murderous Secret skills and cannot be inherited via Digitalization. We would like to include more demon exclusive passives in future updates so we'd like to hear your feedback on it.

Barter Changes:
-Added a x10 exchange option for Oppressed's Wheel.
-Added a x50 and x500 exchange option for Orbs of Swiftness from Gambler Kino.
-Added x5 and x10 purchase options for Medal of Hell in DESTINY.
-Teaching Black Sun via Sacrifice Orb at the Demonic Researcher now requires your summoned demon to be Alciel.

COMP Shop:
-Added 園原杏里のデータチケット α under Vanities -> Female Only.
-Added Nate scarf for both Male and Female in vanities.

Bug Fixes:
-Epitaph Parts [Protection] should now properly grant Null Instant Death.


Base ID: 1226
Starting Level: 92
Family: Magica
Race: Tyrant
Digitalize Requirement: Tyrant DLv.10
Values in parenthesis are mitama values!

HP - 438 (512)
MP - 81 (108)
HPR - 8 (15)
MPR - 11 (15)
STR - 33 (74)
MAG - 29 (63)
VIT - 30 (70)
INT - 11 (33)
SPD - 14 (37)
LUC - 16 (40)
CLSR - 36 (40)
LNGR - 18 (20)
Spell - 30 (33)
Support - 14 (18)
PDEF - 5
MDEF - 11
Crit.Def - 30
Critical - 50

Affinities and NRAs:
Phys 100%
Magic 100%
Slash 100%
Charge 100%
Blunt 100%
Handgun 100%
Penetrate 100%
Spread 100%
Fire 50% (100% Null)
Ice 50% (100% Null)
Electric 50% (100% Null)
Force 50% (100% Null)
Expel 100% Null
Death 100% Reflect
Mystic 50% (100% Null)
Nerve 100%
Mind 100%
Almighty 70%
Curative 100%
Support 100%
WSP 100%
Special 100%
Suicide 100%

Starting Skills:
Death Touch
Soul Suck
Hades Blast
Cocytus Pain
Hell Fire
Fierce Counter

Growth Skills:
Black Sun (Lv.96)

A demon proud of its technical capabilities.
Cooling time decreased by 50%.

Ice Boost
A demon with proficient control of ice.
Ice-based skills are 50% more effective.

Magic Torrent
A demon with immense magical power.
Mystic damage +50%.

King of Gehenna (Mitama Feature)
The "Black Sun" who lives in the underworld in Babylonian lore.

+30% Close-range Damage
+30% Spell Damage
Black Sun will not inflict knockback on targets.
Black Sun stack +1

Base ID: 757
Starting Level: 35
Family: Demoniacs
Race: Earth Element
Digitalize Requirement: Earth Element DLv.2
Values in parenthesis are mitama values!

HP - 120 (177)
MP - 45 (100)
HPR - 4 (5)
MPR - 3 (5)
STR - 7 (22)
MAG - 12 (33)
VIT - 8 (32)
INT - 9 (29)
SPD - 10 (25)
LUC - 9 (35)
CLSR - 21 (28)
LNGR - 24 (30)
Spell - 30 (37)
Support - 24 (32)
PDEF - 11 (30)
MDEF - 8 (18)
Crit.Def - 60
Critical - 70

Affinities and NRAs:
Phys 100%
Magic 100%
Slash 100% (70%)
Charge 100% (70%)
Blunt 100% (70%)
Handgun 150%
Penetrate 150%
Spread 150%
Fire 200% (100% Reflect)
Ice 50%
Electric 100% Drain
Force 50%
Expel 100%
Death 100%
Mystic 50% (100% Absorb)
Nerve 125%
Mind 100%
Almighty 100%
Curative 100%
Support 100%
WSP 100%
Special 100%
Suicide 100%

Starting Skills:
Defensive Stance
Chakra Walk

Growth Skills:
Grace of Fuki Dodge (Lv.37)
Petradi (Lv.39)
Mazio (Lv.42)
Fierce Counter (Lv.45)
Matarukaja (Lv.48)
Earth Protection (Lv.52)
Sukunda (Lv.55)
Liberama (Lv.58)
Mazionga (Lv.62)
Patra (Lv.65)
Tetraja (Lv.68)
Solidity 2 (Lv.72)
Megido (Lv.75)


One That Lives Under Fuki
A small, human-shaped demon of Ainu legend.
It is believed to have a calm and kind disposition.

Party Movement Speed +5%
Party MP Regeneration +15

Earth Element Assist
An Earth Element who assists in swordsmithing.
Will boost Swordsmith skill and make it easier to add
MOD-SLOTs in accordance with VIT and LCK levels.

Electricity Boost
A demon with proficient control of lightning.
Electricity attacks are 50% more effective.

Tarot Effect:
Physical Defense +3 to all Party members.

Soul Crystal Effect:
- Shoes -
Partner's Move Speed +15%

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Version Update 2.011 - Hell-evator