Version Update 2.012 - Adjustments - 2021-06-03

Cerberus is now back online.

The following changes have been made:

The version number of the client has been updated to 2.012

Translation Hotfixes:
Alciel should properly show up in the digitalize system menu under Tyrants.
Fixed an issue with Koroppokuru’s Elusive and One That Lives Under Fuki not having an exclusion group.
Many other translation updates.

The following changes have been made to Smirk-related effects:
- Cannot trigger Pursuit or Technical Attack.
- Prevent certain Equipment Skills and Special Calculation skills from being used with Smirk.
- Getting hit with Smirk active will cancel the Smirk status.

Smile Charge
- Has a 3 seconds fixed incantation.
- Has a 35 seconds cooldown.
- Applies Smirked Out for 35 seconds when used.

Smirked Out
- -30% CLSR/LNGR/Spell Damage Dealt
- Cannot activate any Smirk skills.

As before, Smirk is still an experimental skill and subject to change.

Category: General
Originally posted 2021-06-03
Last updated 2021-06-03