Version Update 2.013 - Summertime Event (Concluded) - 2021-08-06

The following changes have been made:
- Summertime Event
Smash watermelons and collect a variety of goodies, including a new Swimsuit set for male and female characters and even a rare chance to get a Rebirth Syringe.

- Smile Charge:
Charge Time reduced to 1.5 seconds from 3 seconds, it should now take about 2.5 seconds in total to finish casting Smile Charge.

- Smirk:
Smirk no longer prevents you from activating Pursuit damage.
Smirk should no longer get cancelled by taking damage.

Category: Event
Originally posted 2021-08-06
Last updated 2021-09-16

Version Update 2.013 - Summertime Event (Concluded)