Christmas Event 2021 (Concluded) - 2021-12-19

Cerberus is now back online.

The 2012 Christmas & New Years event has been enabled. To begin the event talk to the Santa Frost in Babel near the Cathedral of Shadows.
Along with this event comes a host of translation updates and a client version number bump to v2.013.

We have also created a new Promo Code for a special holiday demon: ACHRISTMASCRISIS
This code is limited to one use per account. To apply the promo code to your account click POST on the main menu, then click the Pencil icon and type or paste in the code from above.

The event and promo code will be active until January 3rd 2022.


Category: Event
Originally posted 2021-12-19
Last updated 2022-02-14

Christmas Event 2021 (Concluded)