Loading Screen Submission - 2019-01-04

How to Participate:
Get artsy and draw a loading screen. Must be at least 800x600 pixels, bigger is fine.
Keep in mind though that any resolution outside of a 4:3 aspect ratio will be cropped funny

Entries must be directly related to SMT or Imagine, and be completely original.
This means no screencaps/official art touchups/traces.
Entries found breaking the above rule will be removed and AC taken away.

Please no R-18 entries. I can't use them for various reasons.

Make sure you add the official emblem to the artwork somewhere.

Submit your entries into #loading-screen-submissions
Valid entries will be reviewed and placed into #accepted-loading-screens

Participation Rewards:
5 AC per valid entry, max 10 per month
Outstanding entries I'll pin, will use as a loading screen, and award an additional 50 AC

Category: Event
Originally posted 2019-01-04
Last updated 2019-01-04

Loading Screen Submission