Content Update - 2019-02-06

This update adds the following content:‧- TMG (False)‧- Shinagawa Ice Caves‧- Shibuya Quartz (Gold)‧- Old Tokyo Metro‧- Limbus Hongo (Route and Intermit)‧- Suginami/Shinagawa Diaspora (Earthquake effect is still being debugged)‧- 4 Oni summoning items (without stage effects)‧- Bug fixes.‧‧A client update is also available with the Valentine's Day decorations.‧‧As always, please report bugs in #server-bug-reporting. Even if you reported something in the past and it wasn't looked it, report it again!‧‧Thanks to the devs and content team for providing us with these updates.‧Enjoy!

Category: General
Originally posted 2019-02-06
Last updated 2019-02-06